JE High Compression 10.25:1 Piston Kit: Warrior / Roadstar

PR Head Work Stage I:  Warrior / Roadstar / Roadliner

Make some horsepower by increasing your compression with these JE 10.25:1 piston kits. Kit comes complete with pistons, rings, wrist pins, clips and gaskets.  No machine work needed.

Years of experience enables Patrick Racing to offer you the best performance and value in custom headwork. Stage One kit includes custom porting and Serdi valve job on (your) cylinder heads. 

Patrick Racing head gasket (set) . American made part,  mfg by Cometic

(GSC-3002-PR) JE 10.25:1 Piston Kit:  Roadstar 1700                              $429  (GSC-3003-PR) JE 10.25:1 Piston Kit:  Roadstar 1600                              $429  (GSC-3004-PR) JE 10.25:1 Piston Kit:  Warrior                                          $429 

 (GSC-3006-PR) PR Stage I Heads:  Roadliner                                         $1199 

 (GSC-3007-PR) PR Stage I Heads:  Warrior                                             $1199 

 (GSC-3008-PR) PR Stage I Heads: Roadstar                                           $1199 

 (GSC-3096-PR) 110" Big Bore Gasket: Warrior & Roadstar 1700              $72 

 (GSC-3097-PR) 110" Big Bore Gasket: Roadstar 1600  '99-06                   $72 

Patrick Racing 110" (1810cc) Big Bore Kit:  Warrior / Roadstar

There is no replacement for displacment! These JE Big Bore kits will deliver on Power and Performance. Oversized liners are installed into the stock cyclinders (Your cylinders are used as cores) and precision bored honed. Kit comes complete with oversized pistons, rings, wrist pins, clips and gaskets.

 (GSC-3017-PR) 110" Big Bore Kit: Warrior                                            $1425  

 (GSC-3019-PR) 110" Big Bore Kit: Roadstar 1600 & 1700                    $1425 

Oversized Valves (+2mm) :  Warrior / Roadstar 

Patrick Racing stainless steel +2mm oversize  Intake & Exhaust valves. A must for getting the “ultimate” performance when doing headwork modifications. Seats must be cut and throated for this application. American made with the highest quality stainless steel.

 (GSC-3091-PR) Intake Valves +2mm: Warrior / Roadstar                          $45 

 (GSC-3092-PR) Exhaust Valves +2mm: Warrior / Roadstar                      $45 


Head Gaskets 101mm :  Warrior / Roadstar

PR Head Work Stage II:  Warrior / Roadstar

Stage Two kit includes “complete” oversize valve application. PR will custom port and complete Serdi valve job, throat your valve seats for oversize valve application, and install (8) new +2mm Oversize one-piece stainless intake/exhaust valves. Custom PR high lift spring kit with titanium retainers are also installed and included in this “ultimate” power package

 (GSC-3807-PR) PR Stage II Heads:  Warrior                                             1899 

 (GSC-3808-PR) PR Stage II Heads: Roadstar                                         $1899