Dynatek Hi-Output Ignition Coils: Warrior / Roadstar

These high tech, top quality coils are designed for maximum performance. They produce spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and energies second to none. Dyna Coils are made to replace stock coils and work with aftermarket electronic ignitions and factory electronic ignitions.
For use only with Dyna Ignition Wires PN: GSC-18274 (Sold Separately)

 (GSC-53393) Dyna  DC4-1  Coil 2.2 Ohms:  Roadstar '99-07                   $170 

 (GSC-53392) Dyna  DC2-1  Coil 1.5 Ohms:  Warrior                                 $170 


 Dyno Jet PC III  USB:  Warrior / Roadstar / Roadliner / Raider

Dynatek DYNA 3000 Ignition Module:   Roadstar '99-07

Dyno Jet Ignition Module: Warrior/ Roadstar/ Roadliner

Dyno Jet Power Commander III / USB is a fuel injection adjustment unit. It allows you to tune your air/fuel mixture to work with performance modifications. Kit comes complete with CD-rom containing fuel maps already done. It can also be custom mapped to your bike.

Dynatek DYNA 3000 ignition allows you to program your igntion curve and to set your own rev-limiter to better tune your motor for performance. Kit comes complete with hardware and instructions.

Dyno Jet Igntion Module is designed to raise your Rev-Limiter (by 500 RPM) to 5800RPM. For use with Power Commander III USB.

(GSC-3061) Power Commander III USB: Warrior                                       $300  (GSC-3062) Power Commander III USB: Roadstar '08-09                         $300  (GSC-3063) Power Commander III USB: Roadliner '06-09                        $300  (GSC-3064) Power Commander III USB: Raider                                        $300 

 (GSC-3022-PR) Dyna 3000 Ignition Module                                              $300 

 (GSC-D633) Ignition Module: Warrior                                                     $365 

 (GSC-D644) Igntion Module: Roadliner '06-09                                       $365 

 (GSC-D658) Igntion Module: Roadstar  '08-09                                       $365 

Dynatek Hi-Output Ignition Wires: Warrior / Roadstar

Dynatek "Dyna" 8mm suppression wires feature a high grade graphite core for best performance and electrical noise suppression. This design ensures maximum energy transfer. Wires will need to be cut to length and come with a 135 degree snap boot for easy installation. For use with Dyna Ignition Coils (Sold Separately)

 (GSC-18274) Dyna 8mm Plug Wire Set                                                        $40