Crank Vent

Air Intake Flanges:  Warrior / Roadstar

Cut down on annoying deceleration backfire with this AIS removal kit. A must when ugrading to a Hi-flow Air Kit. Aluminum flanges feature black anadized finish that blend in with the cyclinder heads.

 (GSC-2551) AIS Removal kit: Warrior / Roadstar                                             $42 

PR Hi-Flow Air Kit:  Warrior / Roadliner / Raider

Let your bike breathe better, giving you more performance with this specially designed race proven kit from Patrick Racing. (10-12HP gains when used with a Power Commander and Hi-Flow Exhaust) Kit comes complete with all hardware   and instructions.  (Picture shown is for a Warrior, other models vary slightly)

 (GSC-3010-PR) PR Air Kit:  Warrior                                                                  $320

 (GSC-3011-PR) PR Air Kit:  Roadliner                                                             $322 

 (GSC-3023-PR) PR Air Kit:  Raider                                                                  $325 


Intake Crank Vent System:  Warrior / Roadstar / Roadliner

If your running a Hi-Flow Air kit, then this is a must. Your crankase ventilation system is no longer working properly. This can cause pressure to build up in your lower end, which is robbing horsepower and can ultimately result in oil weeping from your cyclinder gaskets. This system rectifies the problem and really allows you to enjoy your performance intake upgrades. (Picture may vary from actual part)

 (GSC-21-308) Intake Crank Vent: Warrior / Roadstar / Roadliner                 $50 

Oil Pressure Gauge Kit:  Warrior / Roadstar 

Don't ever worry about what your Oil Pressure is again.

Kit includes: Oil Gauge, Mount, and all necessary hardware to install it.

Mounts next to rear push rod tube on right side of motor.

 (GSC-0007) Oil Pressure Gauge kit                                                                 $135 

 (GSC-0001) Oil Cooler Kit with Gauge & Thermostat                                     $675 

 (GSC-0002) Oil Cooler ONLY                                                                            $350 

Nitrous Oxide System: Warrior

Have extra horsepower on tap when you need it with one of our NOS wet system kits. Designed exclusively for the Warrior. Our kit delivers an extra 34 H. P. / 50 ft. LBS/TQE at the push of a button. Kit comes complete with 1 10oz bottle, hardware, & instructions. Requires drilling of intakes. Bottle mounts to left side down tube NOTE: Can be used with stock airbox. Must have AIS system removed PN: GSC-2551(Sold separately)

 (GSC-0479) Nitrous Kit Single 10oz Bottle                                                     $1657 

 (GSC-0480) Nitrous Kit Dual 10oz Bottle                                                        $1881 

Engine Oil Cooler Kit: Warrior

Make sure your motor runs cool with a Our Custom Oil cooler Kit. Ideal for Performance Motors, warmer climates, or a lot of heavy traffic commuting. Our kit comes with a Custom 180deg thermostatically controlled valve, that allows the motor to reach proper operating temperature before cooling the oil, which is essential to extended engine life.  Cooler Comes with Oil Temperature Gauge mounted on top.  All necessary fittings, hoses, and mounting hardware included. 

PR Hi-Flow Carb Kit: Roadstar 

Let your Roadie breathe better, giving you more performance with this kit from Patrick Racing. Kit comes as shown. Recommend porting the intake manifold for maxiumum gains. Note: use with Power Commander / AIS Kit / and Hi-Flow Exhaust

For: Roadstar 1600 '99-03 / Roadstar 1700 '04-07

   (GSC-3009-BL) 42MM Carb Kit w/ Black cables                                           $850      (GSC-3009-BR) 42MM Carb Kit w/ Stainless Steel cables                           $850  

  (GSC-3020-BL)  45MM Carb Kit w/ Balck cables                                           $850    (GSC-3020-BR) 45MM Carb Kit w/ Stainless Steel cables                            $869