Tired of snapping belts? Or just wish you had more gear ratio options? Look no further, our chain drive conversion kit is your solution. This kit is ready for any abuse. Designed for racing application, not certified for street use. Kit is bolt-on but will require consumer to set chain to proper length and check for proper sprocket alignment.  Kit Includes: Front Conversion Sprocket/ Rear Sprocket/ & 530 Series Chain            

                  Sprockets Ratios Available:

                  FRONT            REAR

                            23          48    = 5% OVERDRIVEN                                                                                 23          49    = 3% OVERDRIVEN                                                                                 22          48    = STOCK RATIO EQUIVALENT                                                               22          49    = 2% UNDERDRIVEN                                                                               22          51    = 6% UNDERDRIVEN 

Save Hundreds of dollars on customs wheels by widening your stock rear wheel. The wheel can be precisely modified to accept a:
240 tire (18x8.0)
250 tire (18x8.5)
260 tire (18x9.0)
When ordering just specify wheel width.                                                          NOTE: You can keep your stock pulley & brake system with no modifications required. After wheel is widened, there will be a visible weld line on wheel 

240mm Swing Arm Modification:  Warrior 

 (GSC-0030-RA) Raw Finish                                                  $450 

 (GSC-0030-PC) Powdercoat                                                 $600 


Chain Drive Conversion:  Warrior / Roadstar

 (GSC-9023) Chain Drive Kit                                                  $350 

 (GSC-9023-S) Front Sprocket Only                                     $175 

Factory Wheel Widening:  Warrior / Roadstar 

 (GSC-0032-R) Raw                                                               $1350 

 (GSC-0032-PC) Powdercoat                           (Email for pricing) 


Our Swing Arm Modification is built to order. Swing arm is redesigned to handle a 240 tire on a 18x8.0 rim while maintaining it's strength and rigidity. Our design makes the bike look like it should have come from the factory that way and not like you just made a bigger tire fit.  Rear wheel retains its original tracking position.  (Your Core Rquired)