Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion:  Warrior / Roadstar

Converts your diaphragm spring to six coil springs. Provides a more positive, controllable engagement. If you are building a performance bike, riding hard, two-up riding, etc., then your bike really needs this part

 (GSC-SR2-PR) Clutch Spring Kit                                                                      $245 

GSC High Performance Cam kit:   Warrior / Roadstar

Greatly enchance your performance while still maintaining a good idle. Complete kit comes with hard weld cams, ceramic faced hydraulic lifters, Hi-lift titanium springs, and adjustable aluminum push rods. 400 lift / 238 duration. NOTE: Kit must be used with PR Hi- Comp Piston Kit. Kit requires (good, stock) cam core exchange or a $400.00 core charge deposit.

 (GSC-3047-PR) Performance Cam Kit: Warrior & Roadstar 1700               $1714 

 (GSC-3048-PR) Performance Cam Kit: Roadstar 1600                    Not Available 

Head Hi-Lift Valve Springs:  Warrior / Roadstar

Makes adjusting your PR pushrods a breeze

Patrick Racing heavy duty hi-lift springs. Kit includes inner and outer springs, lowers and titanium retainers.  NOTE: To be used with Hi-Lift Cams

 (GSC-3051) Push Rod Tubes (Satin):  Warrior & Roadstar 1700                   $398 

 (GSC-3051-P) Push Rod Tubes (Polished):  Warrior & Roadstar 1700         $398 

 (GSC-3052) Push Rod Tubes (Satin):  Roadstar 1600                                    $398 

 (GSC-3052-P) Push Rod Tubes (Polished): Roadstar 1600                           $398 

 (GSC-3046-PR) Valve Springs: Warrior & Roadstar 1700                              $315 

 (GSC-3045-PR) Valve Springs: Roadstar 1600                                               $315 

PR Colapsible Push Road Tubes:   Warrior / Roadstar